Comfort Stand
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Very Proper Dragonflies




catalog: csr514


time: 9:33


release: 08.22.04


audio: 192k mp3



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Produced by Very Proper Dragonflies. Cover art and vocals recorded by DJ Tricky. Disc art by The Apartment.



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Swingin' Single





Just Believe (We'll Get There)



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I remember the smell of her fingertips as she said good-bye for what would be the last time. I had kissed her hands all over in a desperate bid for sympathy, for mercy, or just to stall her leaving by a few scant minutes. I thought that I would never be able to breathe again, my chest had collapsed like a ruined house and had buried my heart. She moved out of town and started up the Crank habit that has defined her through these years. I breathed just fine after that, I also gained forty pounds and have been dumped five times since. Still, I'll never forget the alchemical amber redolence of her thumb and forefinger. I dedicate these songs to you, sweet listener...