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In The Doorway




catalog: csr513


time: 4:59


release: 07.25.04


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All music composition and lyrics by In The Doorway. Disc art by The Apartment.



Creative Commons License

Swingin' Single


Black Sheep/The Boy Who Babbles






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All lyrics written by Lori C.
All music written by Bryan Lewis and Aaron Walker
Additional Guitars by Chris Kendrick


Black Sheep

You don the outfit of an individual, following only you
But the two always over look you,
they're blind to their own blood

You speak a language all your own
Only intelligent people can understand
You have so much power in your control
But they keep stealing it from your hands

I feel so helpless in this blight, if only there was a chance
The sunlight rarely shines, patience is all that we can have

I know in my heart you'll mesmerize them at some point
But until that glorious day arrives
just breathe and apostatize

This was probably the first ballad-like song that we've done. The lyrics tell a story of a boy trapped in an unhealthy living environment (including family). This song is perhaps the most mainstream that we have made to date and is our pick for a single.


The Boy Who Babbles

The boy who always babbles,
has received an enemy or two
His conscious well being has finally been un-glued

With talks of affirmation and "you're always wrong"
To stealing others' ideas and maybe even this song
The boy who always babbles
would be nothing without the girl who never smiles
She's the one to thank
but the words are never murmured, left in the dust
The boy has a wake up call and is going to bust

When the day comes it won't be the first
He'll buckle under pressure and very much curse
He'll deny all that is said from the girl who never smiles
And he'll smash in his mirror, the boy who never babbles

This was one of the very first completed songs that we've made. It's about a soured friendship. This is where Bryan found his nitch at making quirky music. The song is a little choppy but it's cute.



Dreams are what lies are made of
Beauty in disguise, hiding the beast
Selfish as it may be,
learning to forget is harder than it seems

Feelings of guilt and unmanaged anger
Cut the Earth at its' wrists
Covet the sky and rise above the tide
Loneliness never felt so sweet

Over emphasing and too much planning
Only lies have been given to me
Charcoal stains inside my frame
Zero is all that is left in me

Tolerance prevails, given deception
A trick or is it a treat?
The worst in life bring them unbelievable sorrow
But for me a morbid life brings no grief

Validity, lyric wise, doesn't come from one specific source or life event; it's just a collection of thoughts. This song has a lot of switch timing but it turned out well.



You're so repressed in your own mind,
lack of self confidence makes you whine
Oozing negativity from your pores,
you're nothing but Depression's whore

So you say the future is predictable
Making sure to state your dreams
Your dreams of eating others ambitions
Leaving blackened tears at the scene

So you say we'll never make it, see the sun shine bright
Well, fuck you and your negative attitude
You'll soon see that Karma's a bitch, right

I'm better off on my own;
keep you naysayers out of my life
I need nothing else but my own,
save myself a ton of drama

Trapped in my aura is a magnetic attraction
waiting to be released
When I close my eyes forever
I want to return from eternity

Some say the future is predicable,
I say phenomena never tells a lie
One of these days I will be bigger than life
as I pass your world by

The lyrics to this song are pretty obvious but the music is very chaotic. This song took awhile to get down but it turned out nice. It showcases our diversity and what In The Doorway really all about. More songs like this are to be added to our music collection.