Comfort Stand
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Chenard Walcker




catalog: csr511


time: 6:56


release: 07.17.04


audio: 192k mp3



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Cover art by Chenard Walcker. Disc art by The Apartment.



Creative Commons License

Swingin' Single


Rock'n Roll Boy






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Both songs were created in april 2004, while I was working on The Lotus Opus [csr023]. If you like the music, please go out and buy the original lp's, where ever possible. Respect is due to the artists sampled here :

Side A
Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra, Herbie Hancock (in a demo for Fender Rhodes), Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders, Henryk Debich, Enoch Light. Voice and oboes are taken from Party Fun with Recorders, Volume 1 [csr004]

Side B
Akira Ifukube, Richie's Renegade, Brother Jack McDuff, Ennio Morricone (la Gabbia, la Classe Operaia Va in Paradiso) and Belladonna.

Please burn on cd without pause between tracks.