Comfort Stand
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In The Doorway (Morella)




catalog: csr063


time: 7:03


release: 09.17.05


audio: 192k mp3



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In The Doorway is Aaron Walker, Bryan Lewis and Lori C.







Cerebral Paradox



Depths of a Harlot



Fire of Quarrels







I'm tired of moving in fast circles
You're so tired of feeling the same pain
I'm trying to mend my broken actions
We're trying to run to a transitional space

The thought remains, it never changes
I don't think we understand ourselves

All the soul searching has not blossomed
Everything is rotting this time around

I feel nothing but shame
I don't know how to change my space
The moon cascades in sullen vapors
I want to change; I want to mend my ways
But biology won't ease up on the elixir

Lost touch with my base, lost touch with my faith
Fallen in love with all of the wrong things

Soaked up all your pain and am pouring into you
Gorged on your being and became one with you
Now it's time to breath

Detach my umbilical habits
Release my grip on you
I'll delicately crawl out of your skin;
embracing the things we had once been
Grab the gun end my obsession
That's what I've been missing;
My eternal damnation


Cerebral Paradox

You asked me what was wrong with such beautiful concern
You actually made an effort to help heal my wounds
Then my memories raced back to my awareness
I remembered phrases that I vowed to forget

And your beautiful concerns wilted to decay
My strong faith in you collapsed that day
All my bitter feelings made me so swollen
Now I'm wincing at broken memories

How far you have come, how far back I've stepped
Regressing into familiar insanity
I have let you down in one thousand ways
Broken every single promise in just one day

Will I ever mend?
Must I pretend
to be happy and comfortable for the rest of my life?
My apologies grow empty and weak
They can only go so far to show responsibility
Blood shows my pain in surreal times
Now I want you to save me so I can make you all my mine

Save me from my self-loathing hell
Your beautiful concerns
became so tainted by my selfish demeanor
My mind grows
more confused as my body and soul become weaker


Depths of a Harlot

I'm sure that you're proud of the damage
that you've caused
You chose the wrong flesh to imbed your claws
I hope that evil shit does happen to you
What goes around comes back full circle

You're the kind of girl that I hate,
the sole example behind my logic
All you exude is poison and pain
I'm sure you cum to it

For the bomb you threw into my life,
I hope you are never forgiven
I want you to burn alive,
that equals the pain that you've inflicted

I'm not the kind of girl who walks
with a hidden knife in her hand
Seducing her way to self confidence
with her coach Lolita ways
I'm not the kind of girl who walks
with a hidden knife in her hand
Seducing her way to self confidence
with her coach Lolita tricks

Be it wrong or right, I'm entitled to calling you a Slut
Be it wrong or right, my superego remains bittersweet
Right, it wasn't just in my head


Fire of Quarrels

Stop making me feel this way
My being has been unraveled
I wish you would just stay away
Sometimes distance can be magical
I always feel so guilty
when my presence collides with yours
Maybe you too feel the same
But you're still sticking me with a different sword

Accuse me of being hypocritical

I can't always be so fucking perfect
But in your eyes I am always an angel
Don't hold outrageous opinions
After all, I'm only human
Changing of one's mind does not exist
In your realm of reality
Therefore everyone is a fake
For your information, honey, it kills to be such a dick