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feverdreams - surrounding




catalog: csr057


time: 21:24


release: 08.08.05


audio: 192k mp3



download: zip (33MB)


stream: m3u or flash


Produced by feverdreams. The front and back cover artwork are both original paintings by Nicholas Victor Andreosky.



"Feverdreams is dark and mysterious. A rumbling and shimmering miasma of soothing low end, staticky buzz, and occasional clatter and skree. Gorgeous slow building soundscapes with subtle non-repeating rhythms and with layers and layers of drone, whir, throb, and clang. This would be nightmare music if it wasn't so damn pretty." - Aquarius Records (S.F.) review of an earlier release.

As always the goal with this release is the search for new sounds and the collage of those sounds. These are two longer, more slowly evolving songs that I feel work best when one has time to let the mind wander. I recommend listening while doing something else, or while falling to sleep. Thanks for listening.


part 1



part 2



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