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Eddie The Rat - Drop Me Off In Denpasar




catalog: csr035


time: 17:41


release: 06.27.04


audio: 192k mp3



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Creative Commons License

"Drop Me Off In Denpasar" started out as a bunch of piano exercises I wrote for myself to develop my finger independence for piano. The idea was to have each finger play a different rhythm separately as a drummer's arms and legs do between kick, snare, cymbal, etc... As I became more comfortable with them, I slowly started playing the patterns together and it became a piece of music rather than (hopefully) just "finger-wanking." The title references the capital of Bali, where I was soon to be leaving to study gamelan for the summer in Bali.


Drop Me Off In Denpasar



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Musicians on this (4-track) recording are:

Ches Smith - drums
Dan Ake - homemade percussion
Pete Martin - piano and overdubbed gasang
Bianca Austin - percussion and second piano on the intro

Hope you like.
Pete Martin

Download individual parts of Drop Me Off In Denpasar on the Eddie The Rat website.
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