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The Weird Lovemakers






Two Zombies Later









Columbus, OH USA


The Weird Lovemakers consist of Jeff Chenault (Central), Mark Gunderson (Evolution Control Committee) and Greg Fernandez (Good Cue Sign). This is one of many sonic curiosities they have recorded during their long and strange existence.

THE WEIRD LOVEMAKERS began in 1994 as an extension of a collaborative effort known as THE SEX MUSICIANS, which consisted of Jeff Chenault (Central) and Andrew Izold of the influential band 10-SPEED GUILLOTINE, along with turntable terrorist Greg Fernandez.

With the departure of Andrew, Mark Gunderson of THE EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE stepped in, and, inspired by the name of a film mentioned in a "Something Weird" trailer, THE WEIRD LOVEMAKERS was born, promulgating their unique mix of sexual innuendo, cocktail-jacket lounginess, and whiskey bottle mayhem, living up to the promise of their oft-quoted sample: "They do EVERYTHING."

The Weird Lovemakers musical style ranges from electro-lounge to film soundtracks, and have performed live soundtracks for movies such as "Nosferatu," "Notes From Satan's Book," and most notable Maya Deren's "Meshes In The Afternoon," performed at the Wexner Center For The Arts in Columbus, Ohio.