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virginia, usa


the wades are the wades. alicia wade & chris wade.

it's september 1997. orlock is on tour and the state of d.i.y. in the u.s.a. is d.i.sapointing, to say the least. shows have fallen through, been cancelled, never gotten booked. in some small towns every remotely punk kid is at the big corporate-pop-punk-festival nearby.

orlock (dave seaman, perry saunders, chris wade and alicia wade) is broke. they roll into minnesota on gas fumes to find out that the guy who set up their house show for that day was kicked out of his house- allegedly for setting up house shows. so orlock, in it's death throes anyway, decides to charge some gas on the Seaman Family Credit Card and go home.

minnesota to virginia is a long drive. chris and alicia wade make some pretty heavy plans on the way home. they weigh out their options: the first, to resume this band in Richmond, Virginia (like nothing happened and keep doing this all over again) is expressly ruled out.

the second option is a long, thought out "Fuck This."

and so it goes, mr. & mrs. wade disappear into the south-east VA suburbs. they have 3 kids, buy a house and open a restaurant. musically they pop up here and there, appearing on some comps and some collaborations with other artists, like Jacopo Andreini of Italy and Moth Masque of Pennsylvania, USA. mr. wade even did a mini "reunion" tour with his old band

it's 2005 and mr. & mrs. wades musical identity is, quite simply, the wades. they've been spending the last 8 years making babies, art & music. most of their music is made at home, outside of the "band practice" scenario and without the limitations of any particular genre.

every musician has a reason for making music. whether it's because they just love it or they have something profound to say or because they hope to get rich or whatever. the wades make music because they simply cannot stop, in spite of wether anyone is listening or not. seriously, they've tried other hobbies.

a cross section of tunes by the wades, orlock and other wade-related projects is available at wadebrigade dot org alog with a complete discography, photo and video gallery and a semi-daily "blog".

as far as the future is concerned, they plan to keep bashing out songs in the bedroom as usual. they've stepped up the hype-game a bit (i.e. this lame 'bio') in hopes of attracting the attention of people with money to put out records. ok, we said it. in third person, though, so it doesn't sound as dorky.