Comfort Stand
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Vagina Jones






Karneval der Vagina









Berlin, Germany








Mexican-American, Cherokee Indian,
Russian, Lithuanian, Jewish






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Berlin, Germany




Seattle, Washington (USA)




No Style Fuckers, Berlin
Noisy Pink Vagina, Berlin
An art cake company I haven't named yet




Music, Radio and Language


Musical Comparisons


The only musical comparisons I've heard about me are quite shocking. They are The Residents, PJ Harvey and the Moldy Peaches. And one MC introduced me as the female Tom Waits. All very flattering, but I don't really see it. Most of my stuff just makes me uncomfortable to listen to. When I'm playing, however, I'm definitely in a different world and it feels more like a trance or an exorcism.


The Music


The best comments I've heard have been "It's not that you're a good musician, but I understand what you're doing," and after playing a hipster show where only two people clapped I told one of the clappers "There's really no place for me, is there?" He said "And that's good! You should keep that!" I might also mention, the two clappers were local artists I really admired, so it took the sting out of bombing in front of everyone. That night my last song was a spontaneous response to the show of "enthusiasm" called "When I look at you pants all I wanna do is jack off". I've made people cry before. If I wasn't playing I would have joined them. Usually, though, I'm pretty goofy. Right now I'm interested in marrying more live instruments with electronic noisy space movie soundtracks. We'll see what happens.


Wish List


A quick affordable cure for Rheumatism and Fibromyalgia, That only healthy cigarettes are available, A regular radio show, That someone invites me to tour North America, And that Bush is finally impeached.