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Venlo, Limburg, The Netherlands


A brief overview of my musical activities as they came and went. At first, the usual stuff, I hummed along with mum, like everyone, did my weekly singing sessions in school and in church and played the recorder. Briefly joined a brass band on the clarinet in very early teenhood (a "harmonie" in fact, which unlike a "fanfare" does have a woodwind section), but then the twelve-string guitar was so much nicer. The highlight of my career (if there was one) came relatively early when on the basis of my semi-drunk party-sing-alongs to the Dutch singer Cuby I was asked by a bassplayer, who shortly thereafter set his first step on the road to becoming the biggest drugdealer in the region, to join his band, and so I gigged around as a blues singer for a few years until the man got busted in Germany and shot a cop in the process, by that time his bass playing had already hit an all time low, but it was just too hard to fire the guy who owns the equipment. Exit blues band, and so I bought a drumset and set up a band with the guitarist and a mutual friend on bass, just for the fun of it, we rehearsed once or twice a week and wrote our own material, I also had taken an interest in the flute (the influence of Jethro Tull, of course, and Chris Hinze), the flute being the only instrument I have seriously studied for 5 or 6 years. And then I got ill and nothing happened until the early nineties when the synth arrived on the scene, and the drum machine and the sampler and the computer, and so that's where I still am now, occasionally recording something or doing some sort of collage. Am also a member of Bump's Exoticaring btw.