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Tapeworm Collective is a consortium of underground composers, dj's, and musicians united in the purpose of forging new sound. Members swap audio files and collaborate on various projects over the Internet. The goal of this site is to promote the collective works of our collaborative efforts, as well as the talents of each independent artist.

The Tapeworm Collective (collectively) is: Aovi, Baser5nature, Blue Struka, Chew, DeVico, Fathead, Flobot, Hab, Hamster Alliance, Meri von Kleinsmid, llmonte, Laughing Tube, Mildred Pitt, Mirroribis, Mo, Modofo, Oxcyde, Plurge, Scolatchi, Shamanican, Spider, Talis, Violik and Wisteriax.

Our mission is to create and provide new and compelling music by exploiting the power of the web as our studio, promotional vehicle and marketplace. It is clear that the music industry is an archaic model whose time has long since passed. Tapeworm is the next obvious step in the evolution of project collaboration and music distribution.