Comfort Stand
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Tamara Albaitis






People Doing Strange Things With Electricity Too









Chicago, IL USA


I create sound work, objects and installations that are derived from observations in daily life. The present body of work focuses on "everyday objects" in relation to our refuge from the turmoil and monotonies in life. Not based on any religious sectors, I'm interested in how we use objects in a spiritual sense for fulfillment.

After a formal training at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, I continued my education at the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI). Through the school, I traveled to China to study Taoism and Chinese Landscape Painting. This experience was crucial for me and led to an intense focus on experiencing the present moment. It's the everyday, with all of its minuscule to immense elements that composes our lives.

After returning to SFAI, I began to incorporate different mediums into my practice, crossing disciplines and experimenting with engaging other physical senses. I graduated from SFAI in May 2002 and currently study as the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where my focus is sound composition, sculpture and multi-sensory installation.

Ultimately, my interests lie in life fusing into art and art fusing back into life, where the commonplace and the transcendent merge into resolution. I am fascinated by natural order, which directly links itself to natural chaos and chance. By working with all our senses - as life does - I'm obscuring our perceived boundaries between the art object and the environment.