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Shaun Wilson






People Doing Strange Things With Electricity Too





shaun wilson






Tasmania, Australia


Shaun Wilson is a PhD candidate in both the School of Visual and Performing Arts (Launceston) and the School of Philosophy (Hobart) at the University of Tasmania.

As a practicing artist and curator, Wilson has exhibited in Australia and overseas at artist run spaces, public, commercial and university galleries including the Canberra Contemporary Art Space (2002), 24hr Art : NT Centre for Contemporary Art (2004), Westspace (2003), Platform (2003), Icon Museum of Art (2004), Gallery 101 (2004), Academy Gallery (2003) and the Seattle Centre on Contemporary Art (2002). His artwork is represented in the National Gallery of Victoria (artist books: Artline 95), State Library of Victoria, Deakin University Art Collection and private collections in Australia, Holland, USA and France.