Comfort Stand
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Scotch & Soda






Two Zombies Later



Comfort Cake



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Lake Worth, FL USA


Based in Lake Worth, Florida, Scotch & Soda is an imaginary lounge duo combining melodic tuba playing with the built-in cheesiness of the Optigan. In reality, both parts are played by Max McMillan and combined through the magic of multi-track recording.

In real life, Max is a cataloging librarian by day, a tuba/electric bass player in community bands/bar bands by night, and spends his weekends thrift store hopping in search of records.

He also has yet another alter-ego in the person of Francis McPurvis, the director of the 'Our Lady of Perpetual Obsolescence Vinyl Rescue Mission and Orphanage', a gallery of strange and humorous album art from his collection of thrift store finds. Feel free to visit anytime.