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Puyo Puyo















Nantes, France


Who the hell is Puyopuyo? A colorful videogame character? A little robot with a stupid smile stuck on his face? A frog and cheese eater born in the sixties? Actually a bit of all of that.

After having been a drummer during the new wave years, Puyopuyo worked in the French steel industry, he developed a strong schizophrenia and spent too much time in the front of a computer.

He runs with his girlfriend a monthly radio show dedicated to exotica, electronica and bizarro music that is broadcast on radio stations in France, Belgium, Germany and Canada. This radio team is also a DJ team : "The Brain" named after the name of a French movie : "Le cerveau".

Puyopuyo under its nowadays form exists since the year 2000 when he started to bounce over his machines to make electronic music with it.

His music is a monophonic overloaded electronic popcore, a kind of fun manifesto with a "robot kindergarten" sound.

Move your feet to the freaky beat. Do the puyopuyo!