Comfort Stand
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The Pan-Galactic All Stars






Interplanetary Materials


The discovery of the holographic data cube in a small coffeeshop on a side street in Amsterdam left mr_melvis speechless. He had read about these little buggers before, but had never seen one up close. No one was sure how they had appeared here in the 22nd Century (considering that they had been traced forward to the year 3035). All mr_melvis knew was that it contained the music of machines, specifically space craft and their equipment, which would create spontaneous jam sessions for entertainment during long, deep space voyages, while their crews slept in suspended animation. But how to access the sounds? This would take some expertise he didn't posess, but mr_melvis knew right where to find it...

Back in Neuvo York, mr_melvis hurried up 15th street towards the beckoning flashing neon of The Korova Milk Bar. He was going to meet the one man he knew would be able to find the way to unlock the secrets of the space music container. Entering the bar, he headed towards the stage and saw his old friend Tabuzak, the house DJ at the Korova. Wordlessly handing him the data cube, he watched as Tabuzak's eyes gleamed almost as brightly as the container he held in his hands. Tabuzak immediately took the cube and began to spin it on it's corner on the edge of the stage. As it spun, Tabuzak expertly took out a sonic hook knife and began to slice at the unit, making precise, slashing movements. Pieces of the container's cover flew around him as Tabuzak continued to carve away at the cube. This was sonic surgery at it's finest. All at once, with a lunging motion, Tabuzak split open the cube and the future sounds of machine music spilled out in a rushing wave of total sensory overload, filling the bar with incredible astral sounds and holding everyone in the area in total sonic awe.

mr_melvis and Tabuzak both looked at each other with huge grins and at the same time proclaimed: "Hey!!! We can do something with this"!