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New York, NY USA


Nova Social entered the marketplace in early 2000 with their critically lauded, candy-colored "Fingerprints"/"Horse Song Part 1" 7" single, but David Nagler and Thom Soriano have been making music together since 1997 when they met in the waning days of Nagler's employment/opening days of Soriano's employment at a NJ bookstore.

As a duo, they (with astonishing guest performances from some musical friends and neighbors) released their full-length debut "The Jefferson Fracture" in early 2002. The album garnered a significant amount of press and college radio airplay, and the "band" supported the album with shows opening for the likes of Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing), Grant Hart (Husker Du) and Nova heroes The Divine Comedy.

From April through December 2001, Nova Social curated and hosted an eclectic music series at NYC's Den of Cin called "Nova Nights," which brought together some of the finest music and performance art in Manhattan and beyond. Notable performers included Amy Allison, Teddy Thompson, Utopia's Kasim Sulton, Michael Shelley, Dan Bryk, Laura Cantrell, Bingo Gazingo, Joshua Freed, R. Stevie Moore, Brian Dewan and The Bran Flakes.

Nova Social recently solidified an exciting full-time, full-band lineup including keyboardist Kristopher John, drummer Jay Dodds and guitarist J.P. Doherty.