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Narcotic Syntax






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Frankfurt, Germany


Originally the term Narcotic Syntax marked a category of twisted text output by copywriter/editor James Dean Brown. In 1995 it has been transfered to his music productions, since his composing, programming and arranging methods use to follow syntactical laws similar to his writing. Within the music project they are modified in a way the listener ideally becomes absorbed in a state of unconditional attention, surprise, hypnosis, revelling and the urge for motion respectively. Preferably founded on a stimulating speed around 125 bpm, each release of calculated extravagant licentiousness is composed of at least three movements, increasingly including spoken and lately sung lyrics. Each of the nutricious tracks having been published to date (concocted of programmings, samples and sonic fragments of all categories) reveals a musical universe out of which other artists not seldom create a whole album.

Actually Narcotic Syntax can be perceived as a loose "band project". Depending on the result to be pursued, no matter what style, JDB always has been accompanied by artists of different musical backgrounds (among them: Zip/Dimbiman+Pantytec, Markus Nikolai and Pink Elln/Sieg ueber die Sonne).

However, since April 2003 DJ/producer James Dean Brown and musician/producer yapacc are representing the steady, diligent and meticulous production team for the future. Both protagonists have gathered incredible musical experience by excessively having surfed the merged waves of intelligent silliness and complex absurdity through the jungle of countless music genres since almost two decades. Their driving power is love and passion for the essence of music as primary carrier for emotions. Their releases always aim at the obtainment of the emotional maximum.

In case there's a need for incorporating special instruments, JDB and yapacc invite other musicians to participate in the recording sessions. Up to now several collaborations have been concluded successfully: with Tom Ellard/Severed Heads (Darlinghurst/AUS), Ian Andrews/ (Sydney/AUS), Max Loderbauer/Sun Electric (Berlin), Carsten Skov/Señor Coconut (Copenhagen/DK) as well as with various vocalists. A production featuring the breathtaking skills by Norwegian trumpet player Nils Petter Molvaer is to follow.

Narcotic Syntax releases include two 12"EPs on Perlon Records (#04+#39) as well as contributions to #10, #23+#36 shaping the label's highly appreciated "Superlongevity" compilation series. Their successful "Calculated Extravagant Licentiousness EP" (Perl39) gained immense international response: Reviewers reacted exclusively effusive. The record appeared on numerous playlists of DJs from all over the world. Its explosively funky architecture convinced Ricardo Villalobos to place his white label copy in the top 10 of his official DJ charts for the year 2003. A debut album entitled "4000 to the Floor" will become due early in 2005 on Perlon.

Since late in 2003 Narcotic Syntax are propelling an exciting, monstrously sensual concept of blending song and club formats in cooperation with professional chanteuse Robert Conroy from New York City of the glamorous Misty Roses, whose incredibly clear, yet powerful voice (which reminds of Gary Numan and David Sylvian) is bringing back the human factor to the mahogany dance floor. It seems the long(ingly) awaited conspiracy occurs here, aiming at defining the reinvigoration of the club formula. Actually Robert has become sort of a third band member now. An album by the trio is expected to be released in 2005.

Early in 2004 JDB and yapacc finally decided to present their music live on stage. Club tests have proven collective freakout compatibility: Their live shows are literally blowing away restless minds, melted brains, black souls and all the vital parts of the audience's bodies. The drama of forces overflow so that the crowd may drown in bliss...