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Martin McCavitt






People Doing Strange Things With Electricity Too









Richmond, VA USA


Marty McCavitt is an artist living in Richmond, VA. Unmarried, father of three great kids.

Over the years, I have made some kind of living as a musician - played piano and sax in numerous top 40, country, soul, swing, and jazz bands. Wrote music for corporate videos and ads. Performed with Idio-Savant, The Tom and Marty Band, Famous Actors from Out of Town, Mao Amore, Jones + McCavitt and Birds in the Meadow.

I like to perform live. 99% of my creative live is spent not performing. This time is used for computer and synthesizer programming, experimenting, writing music, writing improv etudes, instrument modifications and inventions, rehearsing solo or with other musicians and recording. But my performances are generally improvised.