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Two Zombies Later







Berlin, Germany


Marble looks ultimately organic, but feels very smooth, it gets glossy but the colors are mellow and toned. MARBLE is the name I like to use when I create music that has neither tropical nor surfmusic feels.

The name Marble goes back to autumn 1996, when I wanted to record music that would be attractive to listeners of electronic music, but being as organic as possible. For example I used bad timing consciously without fear of annoying people who are expecting a perfectly sequenced groove.

The earliest recordings were done without a computer and with very cheap instruments. In those days I was also playing with my surfmusic band The Looney Tunes. We recorded three albums, two of them in regular studios. After that band broke up I looked into using my G3 computer to record my music on, learning to appreciate the advantages that come with hard disc recording. On Wah Factor 3 you can witness my first encounter with an autowah program, which I used in three instances, hence the name.

I also released three tracks under my name Kahuna Kawentzmann, two of which are included in a twelve track album, which is still unreleased. Publisher inquiries are welcome.