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Regina, Saskatchewan Canada


Lungbutter has been described as, "the poster boys for free thought." Satire, parody, sarcasm, and irony are pillars of the Lungbutter vernacular, and combined with a type of music known as "genre-bending-anti-pop," Lungbutter manages to expose the sickness under the surface of mainstream society, all the while smiling and laughing with demented glee. Lungbutter's music is bold, diverse, and without restraint; it flows effortlessly from one style of music to another, within a song and from song-to-song. Although their musical palette is as diverse as a Canadian winter, Lungbutter's music is, ultimately, focused and cohesive.

Lungbutter formed in Regina, Saskatchewan, in 1996, by guitarists John Breno and Tony A. Ward, bassist Gil, vocalist Reverend Reed Collins, and drummer Cecilia Difora. Lungbutter recorded their debut CD, Available Now immediately after forming, and released it in 1997. Shortly thereafter, original drummer Cecilia Difora tragically succumbed to a brain hemorrhage, which prompted John Breno to move from guitar to his original instrument, drums. What Have They Done This Time was released in 1999, and the limited release album The Most Hated Band in Town followed in 2002. Currently, Lungbutter is on an indefinite hiatus.