Comfort Stand
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The Trial of Florasador Gehrboyzel



Interplanetary Materials



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Seattle, WA USA


Lullabelle, a six member collective, combines both electricity and elbow grease to create a singular experience: delicious beats married to wonderful noise.

By the beginnings of the 21st century, oral and traditional cultures have been almost totally supplanted by modern mass culture. All discovered are the unknown places, mokele mbembe has left the jungle, his promised land all tied up in escrow...

Imagine a generation of children, a fidgety mass of boys and girls, falling over each other, weaned on pure random information, bumping into each other as they grope through static, searching with their remote controls for 24-second emotional fulfillment, for spiritual validation through product identification.

The nervous generation. A new strain of child: isolated, uninspired, unreconciled, a member of the unwhole community; the cheerless and unshockable. We are they, babysat by television and video games.

Lullabelle, like so many other social clubs, covens, and other meaningless niche organizations, is a temporary talk-down from the ledge, a safety valve, a kind of coming home.

Lullabelle is built on the foundation that, no matter how hard we try, no matter how long we search, no matter how many clever, self-referencing, self-important moments we share, we can never be saved.

Once that's accepted, the rest is easy.

So, we make a merry din, carelessly fusing the worlds of noise, big beats, and emotional melody, acting like ninnies, waiting for evolution to pass us all by and flip us the finger.

Lullabelle's sweet fury - songs for a new wilderness, songs for the falling sky generation.