Comfort Stand
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Interplanetary Materials









Oakland, CA USA


To truly appreciate the music of LowLiFi, one has to transubstantiate themselves into that of the ladle that with flick-of-wrist, twist-of-genre, becomes the plane crash Pollack that it signifies. The 'neo ukulele three chord revolution' will juxtapose itself alongside other raw, fundamental sways; the masterful elements will be strangled back down to sincerity; the primal will be given a seat at the dinner table.

You need not pay attention to understand the reasoning behind each opus, you are not its intended audience, your being is.

LowLiFi began the tedious task of notions and conceptions roughly during the early post-Pangean era by the means of bone and paw. Since than, numerous 0's and 1's have been utilized to quicken the pace of production, but the creative process in itself has remained relatively the same. Hiccups are the rhythm; percussion will be at times used as white noise. Often the music will seem quite pleasant and traditional, but if you close your eyes and look beneath the bass line your disillusionment will come in spades as you watch the man in the garrote clapping along. And if you think it's best to take solace by "dubbing" the situation ironic, I would like for a moment to point your attention upward, where we have Shakespeare hanging by the rafters. Enjoy. - JaDe