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The Lounge King






Interplanetary Materials (The Lounge King meets Monsieur Max)



Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka (The Funky Filter)











Montreal & Brebeuf, Quebec Canada


Well, the main question for many has been: Who is the Lounge King?! Known well as "El Muñecon" in Mexico and Spain, The Lounge King is a retired top Agent (for Latinomerica, and yes, he is a double 00) and is always surrounded by beautiful and INTELLIGENT women and his loyal Mexican butler "Dimas".

It was in 1997 in the city of Mexico when the Lounge King officially appeared to the public under the name of "El Muñecon" (this character was responsible for bringing and starting the Lounge movement in Mexico and now he is doing the same thing in Canada.) The story behind the Lounge King is complex and interesting... he is writing his memories for a movie, by the way. Many years ago he stopped believing in the American Dream, but he does like his luxuries and comfort. The Lounge King has been known to say, "People do not change but transform." He cares about the future of the media, the human society (one of his big passions are women) and the planet. He knows "too much" about international unsolved mysteries, but he also knows how to live "la vida lounge." What he doesn't know is that all those intelligent women around him are really AGENTS that are protecting him of his enemies.