Comfort Stand
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Ovnis a Mogollón



Comfort Cake



The Preserving Machine









Buenos Aires, Argentina


“All of we are fragments, and of a so diverse texture, that each piece plays, on every moment, its own game.” - Michel de Montaigne

My music behavior is similar. Each piece of sound makes a play on itself. Each has its own personality, which combines in an heterogeneous composition, that working as an unity, may be vastly different of the materials that conform it.

I take my sound materials from the extensive field of the digital produced sounds, sometimes making them directly with digital tools (hard and soft), or taking them from the analog world, and processing them digitally.

I think that too much of the music that we heard today is made with a very little portion of the sound material that we have at hand, and with a very little number of procedures that can arrange them, so, my intention is present a scratch on the surface of what can be an enormous 'other' universe of sound. - Lanark