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Künstler Treu






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Berlin, Germany


künstler treu was born way back in the sixties as the only child of a southern-german ship's entrepreneur and a polish courtesan.

childhood and pre-school musical education aboard "uschi" on inland waterways - first transistor radio given for sixth birthday & spends daytimes on deck while the portable plays a (beat-) soundtrack to the post-war/pre-kohl landscapes passing by. early musical influences: the monks, alice cooper, breuni-bear radio plays, deutschlandradio and traditional balinese gamelan music.

youth spent in a small southern-german town. first contact with multitrack recording and tapeloops. private tooltime-sessions with two old revox A77s. result: tapeloops & la frippertronics. heroes of the time: can, neu! and other committed non-musicians such as brian eno.

80's: his first synthesizer (korg MS20), his first beatbox (roland TR-606), his first computer (atari 1040), his first girlfriend (margarethe).

since 1985: founding member of dauerfisch. numerous releases on numerous tape, underground, mailorder, and mini/micro labels until 1990.

since a 1989 move to berlin: several dauerfisch side-projects begun (sea of tranquility, the LaLaVox Box, Nicoletta, the space songs).

since 1997: preferred residence for inspiration and composing - oahu/hawaii. can be found there as often as time and money will allow.

2001: "my sketchbook of whack", 2nd solo album and a monster of an style-mixed record, that gained fanatic press reviews, but was timed badly just to collide with the music industry's post wtc downfall + crisis.

in 2002 he got in contact with jon appleton was invited to dartmouth college to record "wunderbra!".

2003 brought traveling and performances with appleton at princeton and new york. same year he joined berlin kult band MUTTER to continue his long submerged talent in guitar stunts.