Comfort Stand
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Auld Lang Syne











Udine, Italy


For many months Toddy locked himself into the darkness and loneliness of his loft. But, when springtime arrived, he finally got lightened! It was 11.45pm of a warm night when, after a long research and lots of experiments, Toddy got it: the potion was ready. And all he had to do now was to mix it up with some coffee in a mokka and put it to boil. After that he only had to fill up a cup and drink that magical fluid...all in just one sip. And the metamorphosis began. Since then, every night Toddy transforms himself into Kaffeinik, a strange and mysterious creature, starved of beats. From dusk 'til dawn, he samples every single sound he hears: form the scratches of old records, to the jingles of his beloved videogames, to the most minimum noise echoing in the emptiness of his house. He takes the samples, chop them, and make them going on loop, letting them go for ever, never stopping. In the daylight Kaffeinik transforms back into Toddy, which, full of surprise, finds out all those weird registrations. Some of them ended up in an EP entitled "The mysterious history of a hip hop carneficine", produced by the netlabel Pitjamajusto.