Comfort Stand
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Jeremy Winters






People Doing Strange Things With Electricity Too











San Francisco, CA USA


I've always loved playing with sound. when I was a kid I would make my own "radio" shows on tape with commercials and commentary in between. one time... when the needle broke on my record player... I fashioned an aluminum foil cone to the end of a thumbtack... and it worked! of course... my records weren't too happy about it...

much of my late teens and early twenties was spent making mix tapes of gushy love songs for girls I had crushes on. after 3 heartbreaks too many... I began romancing myself with mixes of ambient and noise music. after a time... I came to realize that I was more creative than a lot of the music I was listening to... so I set out to make sounds of my own...

these days... I build my own audio software and create music with generative processes and other weird sound techniques. my primary tools are max/msp and the nord modular synthesizer.