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Jack Fetterman






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New York, NY USA


Jack Fetterman studied classical and jazz piano from Alexander Fiorillo and Jack Ebbert respectively. In college he studied composition and electronic music from Professor James Brown (no relation to Mr. Dynamite). He moved to New York City in 1978 where he participated in several "downtown scene" experimental music projects, performance groups and recordings. Since 1990, however, he has rebelled against the so-called avant garde and tried as best as possible to remove cacophonous and angry music from his environment.

In 1996, along with Scott Springer, Jack created the In Hi-Fi party at Bar d'O in New York City - an evening of extraordinary background music and exotic cocktails, patronized by the cognoscenti of the flourishing neo-easy listening movement.

Jack lists Dennis Farnon, Juan Garcia Esquivel, Martin Denny, Les Baxter, Perrey & Kingsley, Rahul Dev Burman, and Perez Prado among his many musical influences. He is currently producing house music with Exotica and Outer Space Music stylings under the name Tabuzak. Recent recordings include a remix of "Heat" on the upcoming Don Tiki remix album, "3,000,000 Light Year to Altair IV" with mr_melvis on the Comfortstand outer space compilation, and a version of "Miniskirt" with Peter Principle on the upcoming Esquivel remix album.