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Virginia Beach, VA USA


In The Doorway comes from the cold, dark dungeons of Virginia Beach, VA.

It all started in January 2002. Bryan had just left another project and joined up with Lori for a new one. They both shared the same vision of music and wanted to take it in a different direction.

They were both fed up with the music scene as a whole and wanted to turn it on it's head (or feet more like it). So they started playing and writing music together. Although the sound started off more black metal than anything one thing stood true, there was no format and extremely catchy. From there the music became more of a smorgasbord of all the types of music that they liked, which is every style of music.

At that time they were still drummer-less so Lori and Bryan did the drum programming themselves. This, later looking back was very bad and comical. They were still missing a key ingredient, but then it came knocking on Bryan's door literally. Aaron, Bryan's friend for 10 years prior had become estranged. Aaron and Bryan talked out their differences and came back stronger than ever."As soon as Aaron came back I wanted him in the band because we are musical soul mates."- Bryan.

Aaron added a lot of elements to the music and just the fact that he dug the music was great. After Aaron was in, the long,long search for a guitarist began to no avail at all. Bryan (who was just starting to play guitar) filled those shoes, sort of, and then became a multi-instrumentalist.

Morella then made a demo with Aaron on board and mailed it all over the place. The first label to show interest was the indie-non profit-online label Comfort Stand. The label is run by Otis Fodder; a like minded guy with a vision and balls.

The next label that showed interest was PA based Acne Records. Morella signed a contract to be on their Punk Rx compilation. The compilation is out now and is only $7. In October of 2005 Morella changed their band name to In The Doorway. A new "door" has been opened for the band with new exposure every day who knows what the future holds for In The Doorway.

In The Doorway is :
Aaron Walker - Drums
Bryan Lewis - Bass, Guitar and Backing Vocals
Lori C. - Vocals and Keyboards