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Two Zombies Later





Pescara, Italy


Impro have performed together with Miradas Group percussionist Pino Petraccia at the beginning of 2002, during the "Ecl3ctic Ephipany Party". The performance was recorded and the track included here was edited out of that session.

Altered Sounds (Luigi Meloni) is an electronic/ambient project that has been compared to the works of Fripp, Brian Eno and The Orb, using looped and effected guitars. Luigi is also known is known for a side project called Morgoth, which instead ventures in the territories of dark/gothic, and for different collaborations as a sound engineer, guitar player, remixer, co-writer of tracks by several artists.

Globster is a dj and sonic manipulator, active since 1991. He has taken/takes part in several artistic projects such as BPAM (ambient/isolationism with DJ EML), TechnoToner, The Turntablists, Gli Elettrodi, Unit (all of these four projects with Catodo/Cerin0), Impro (with Altered Sounds and Dj Batman), Acorn Project (with Altered Sounds). Other collaborations include names like Otomo Yoshihide and Eugene Chadbourne or bands like Perizona, DNA, When Mind Reflects. In Impro he is mainly the didjeridoo player but he sometimes enjoys playing with cds and vinyl too.

Nicola "Dj Batman" Battista is a dj/musician from Pescara, Italy. He makes music on PC compatible computers and something also using turntables, tapes and other weird stuff, in solo projects or with different collaborators. Creator of, he runs the Kutmusic record label and music publishing company, basically into electronic music but also into other styles. Together with Shadrach (Dj and violin player) has been involved in other projects, such as a Tripwave (TM) band called Modra Stjerne, comprising also Nervine (for bass/voice/lyrics) or the mysterious plunderphonic project named Raumizio Lorri Noize Duo. He has appeared on different compilation releases in Italy, USA and UK, on labels like Arts Industria,, Spindle Productions or on magazines like "The Mix". He is currently producing a pop/ska/soul (?) combo called Agua Calientes.