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Frankfurt, Germany


Officially Hypnobeat - representatives of Futuristic Minimalism, New Tribalism and Prototech - formed early in 1983.

Unofficially, i.e. anonymously/ pseudonymously, the group already existed since summer 1981. Founding members and persons from its initial stage were Romulus Coeurque (now James Dean Brown) and Pietro Insipido. After PI had decided to be hardly involved any more the group basically consisted of two members again: RC and Porn Flake (now Victor Sol).

For their recordings and live performances (they had up to six synchronized rhythm machines on stage) Hypnobeat have often been supported by friends/musicians/non-musicians of most different musical/artistical background. Altogether more than 20 people joined the party - among them Pink Elln who later founded Sieg ueber die Sonne (Victory Over the Sun), drummer Peter Prochir (Cassiber, Sielwolf), percussionist Z'EV and writer Thor Kunkel. In between Hypnobeat served as a solo project(ion) for RC. Each new recording revealed a (surprisingly?) different character from their predecessors while live sets - which mostly turned out to be machine improvisations - were fundamentally featuring unique tracks.

Hypnobeat released the double cassette set "Huggables" (2xC90) in June 1985 including 21 tracks each on "Greatest Hits of Hypnosis And Hydrophobia" and "Subgreatest Monochrome Delights", and a C60 tape "Specials/Spatials" in 1986. They participated in a fair number of international cassette compilations as well as in the 4LP+7" box set compilation "SNX - Popular Music Of Tomorrow - An Anthology" (Hawai 006) from France.

The group finally ceased to exist in 1994, after a last rhythmical solo twitch by RC - just to transform and be reborn a year later as Narcotic Syntax. As slowly as Hypnobeat had faded to inertia from 1986-94, Narcotic Syntax blossomed into a state of hyperactivity from 1995-2004.