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Fork In The Blender






Training Bra Sweat





San Francisco, CA USA


Fork in the Blender are Steve Gigante & Pete Martin (and the other way around). Individually and collectively they have played and/or recorded with:

7 Year Rabbit Cycle, The Aces, The Androids, Angelfood, Big City Orchestra, The Big D, The Big Meat Combo, Bimbo Toolshed, Black Horizon, Brave New World, Brother JT, Bullshitting Our Way Into Hell, Candy Machine, The Crickrats, Dan Ake, Deerhoof, Drama, The Eyes, Feverdreams, Fuel For Tongues, Gingerbread, The Golddiggers, Grux's Granwich Vaudeville Explosion, Hubcap City (from Beligum), Hungry Little Girl, Jesse and the Faultliners, New World, The Numbers (with a "The"), Old Time Relijun, Otis Fodder, Our Little Secret, Over The Edge, Owls (pre-7YRC), Painless Martha, Really Wired, Red Means Go, Six Organs of Admittance, Smegma and the Acetones, The Smoove, The Sports Bar Dildos, The Stone Groove, Stonehenge, Stonehenge (#2..."it spans"), Super Pussy, Tampon Militia, THFTFFTHF, The Three Young Jews (absolutely no anti-Semitism meant, implied, or to be extrapolated), Tiny Bird Mouths, The Vultures, Wax My Camaro, The Weird Weeds, The White Trash Debutantes, X-itz, and Zen Guerrilla.

Steve is currently a member of:

Dark Inside the Sun:
W-S Burn:

Pete is leader of and spiritual advisor to:

Eddie the Rat: