Comfort Stand
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Flavia & The Motonets






El Amigo de los Niños



Comfort Cake









Buenos Aires, Argentina

Flavia & the Motonets have worked it all out. Armchairs are soft, yes. But we won't stay anywhere. We'll travel. Today we don't want to have control of anything. We get carried away.

Butterflies, bus drivers, small fish, fruit, tomato men, kids & friends will take us to a colourful world, jumping to one cloud to the other, with graceful, harmonic and floating movements. A simple world with happy endings but not a stupid world.

And there we are, travelling, awakening the sleepy memories' neuron. Songs to spin over the floor, to make silly faces, pirouettes, somersaults and, obviously, to sing. Those who live in London will feel the sunshine in their faces again. It may look like a dream, but it's not. Flavia takes us and guides us. We've got no choice, but we feel free, plenty and a bit like children. That's the time when we feel that a friend takes us by the hand and doesn't let us go for about nine minutes.

- Ivan Adaime