Comfort Stand
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anaheim, ca usa


The search to create new sounds to make music with has resulted in about a dozen releases as feverdreams and in collaborations. This one comes with front and back paintings by artist Nicholas Victor Andreosky. Wire magazine said feverdreams is "very unlike much of the slick crap that has been coming out of the so-called avant garde recently" - issue 225. Other releases are available including a collaboration with Japanese artist Yukinori Kukuchi of Billy?, the compilation "10 Years of Madness - Behind the Iron Curtain" from Achtung Baby! in Russia, and a 3 way split with A Warm Palindrome, Badgerlore, and Feverdreams on Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers out of England.

For other releases and contact: namelikeaghost [at] hotmail [dot] com