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Edith Frost















Chicago, IL USA


Alternative country-rock singer/songwriter Edith Frost was born in San Antonio, TX, on August 18, 1964. As a child, her family moved sporadically between San Antonio, Austin, and Guadalajara, Mexico; after college she relocated to Brooklyn, where by day she worked as an Internet programmer and by night fronted three different groups: the Holler Sisters (an old-time country covers band), the Marfa Lights (a Western swing outfit), and Edith & Her Roadhouse Romeos (a rockabilly unit). By 1992, Frost was performing her own songs and, inspired by her love for Will Oldham's Palace projects, she sent her demo tape to his label, a receptive Drag City; in the wake of a divorce from her husband, she also relocated to Chicago.

After a self-titled EP collection of demo material appeared in the summer of 1996, Frost began recording her debut LP with members of Gastr del Sol, Eleventh Dream Day, and the High Llamas; the result, the superb Calling Over Time, was issued in 1997. Telescopic followed a year later. Love Is Real (1999) featured artwork by the Sea and Cake's Sam Prekop. Wonder Wonder, which followed in summer 2001, included production work by Steve Albini. Four years later, Frost returned with the excellent It's a Game. - Jason Ankeny,