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Don Tiki






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Honolulu, HI USA


Don Tiki is the keeper of the flame of the almost extinct volcano of Exotica music. When the red glow of Tiki torches was snuffed out in lounges and bachelor pads alike, the exotic sounds of Marty, Artie, and Les (Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman and Les Baxter) also dimmed. But in a recent wave of appreciation, their haunting melodies have been unearthed again and used to conjure up lost Tiki Temples in the minds of their gently hypnotized listeners. Don Tiki is the lineage of this tradition, living on in whimsical reverie and reverence. In this day and age, we are all aware that paradise on earth does not exist. Yet the need for it is eternal and can be playfully indulged in. Tiki bars are being erected again in city centers, living room corners and office cubicles, where the sultry rhythms of Exotica resound. Don Tiki is providing the soundtrack for this Technicolor projection of a Polynesian pop paradise. - Sven A. Kirsten

Don Tiki is a creative collaboration of Fluid Floyd (Lloyd Kandell) and Perry Coma (Kit Ebersbach). The band features Hawaii's top musicians with cumulative experience ranging from jazz fusion to world beat to the Honolulu Symphony to the crassest Waikiki Showrooms. A touring ensemble complete with swaying dancers is set to hit the road to Rio, the road to Bali, and from here to eternity with a swanky and exotic revue. This music will transport you to an island paradise where sensual tropical fantasies still exist - especially after that fourth Singapore Sling. So lean back, lick that swizzle stick and enjoy... The Forbidden Sounds of Don Tiki!

photo above, from left to right: Lokelani, Fluid Floyd, Carlinhos de Oliveira, Sharene, Perry Coma, Alaana.