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Jeff Chenault and Andrew Izold






Two Zombies Later









Columbus, OH USA


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Full Load of King

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The Weird Lovemakers

JEFF CHENAULT has been involved with electronic music making since his early days in Port Huron, Michigan. As early as 1981, he explored industrial sounds with his first band (co-founded with Pat Harvey) THE INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST NETWORK.

Recording pieces such as "Tunnel Music," made by banging and kicking on the inside walls of a huge metal tunnel while tape recorders were placed on each end. ITN also rented out the lodge at the trailer park they lived in every week and had industrial performances, which Jeff describes as "ending when the whiskey bottle was empty."

In 1983 Jeff moved to Columbus, and ITN moved with him, remaining active until around 1985, after which Jeff spent several years doing collaborations and solo projects for his new founded ITN label. In 1989 he met ANDREW IZOLD, with whom he would record a great deal of music and become essentially well respected (especially by the early ele_mental cru) as 10-SPEED GUILLOTINE. 10-Speed combined the industrial and techno strains of electronic music into a fascinating blend, which influenced the ears of many Columbus, Ohio music makers. Although 10-Speed dissolved in 1993, Jeff has continued to work on ambient/noise projects under the name of CENTRAL INHABITANTS as well as being the founding member of THE WEIRD LOVEMAKERS.