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Bros II






Auld Lang Syne









Cologne/Berlin, Germany


Bros II are Aleksander Cigale (The Black Angus) and Christian Aberle ( Buddy Lee/ Dj Brat) featuring Julia Pfeiffer and Deana Kunz. The tune was arranged and produced by Brat, sung by Angus and features Julia Pfeiffer speaking and Marcia Pan's digitalised rhytmic babbling. Marcia Pan is the singer of Brat's main musical project `Ernst'. Brat live and work as an artist in Cologne. Black Angus and Julia Pfeiffer live and work as artists in Berlin. You may meet them in the related Off-Space-Galery Montgomery - In the last few years their colaborations have included videoworks, exhibitions, installations and music. Angus has had a long term career as musical stage performer while Brat sees himself rather as constructor, making music merely in the machine.