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Br. Cleve






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Boston, MA USA


DJ Brother Cleve is known as one of the pioneers of the international lounge scene. As keyboardist for SubPop/Bungalow recording artists Combustible Edison, Cleve got to meet and work with many of the greats of the old guard, including Juan Garcia Esquivel, Piero Umiliani ("Mah- Na Mah-Na"), and Peter Thomas.

A life long record collector, he began a series of parties with a lounge theme in the mid-90's, mixing classic recordings of the 50's-70's into a flow with contemporary dance music based in a similar vein.

As A DJ, he has worked alongside many of his contemporaries (Pizzicato Five, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Nicola Conte, Bebel Gilberto, Ursula 1000, Gentle People, Karminsky Experience among them) around the globe (New York, London, Moscow, Rome, Mexico City, San Francisco); he's also scored music for clients such as HBO/Cinemax, Discovery Channel, Universal Studios, Cartoon Network, and Hormel Foods. You can hear him on the current releases "EZ Lounge" (compilation; Media Records, IT), Ursula 1000's "Kinda Kinky" (Eighteenth St. Lounge, USA) and The Transistors "Atelier" (Right Tempo, IT).