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B.C. Sterrett






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Provo, UT USA


Blair is a staff member of the Salt Lake City art collective "Loaf-I Productions", and a musician/band member of local audio/performance art experimentalists: "The Mathew Perry Addiction Crisis".

B.C. is also half of the demented children's accordion rock band: "Extra Credit" (formerly known as Field Trip). Now with a full back up band; he sings, plays accordion, thrift store organ, musical saw, and jew's harp. He was also the early accordionist for The Nourishment's live backup band.

Extra Credit has opened and performed with such bands as: Archbishop Jason Polland w/ GST Mugwump, Joe and the Chicken Heads, Hot Waffles, SNMNMNM, Neo-Maxi Zoom Dweebies, The Mothras, Throwing Toasters, The Turtlenecks, The Von Steins, Jay's Booming Hat, NSPS, Gramma Whipper Snapper, Marcia Knorr of the "Ripe Tomatoes", Cajun Punk Daddies, Wesley Willis (sort of) , Pop Band Alice, Kick Me Kate, Moose Butter and has also opened several times for The Nourishment. Radio appearances have also been made on The All-U-Can-Eat Buffet of Musical Madness, The "Crazy" Jay Show, Huzza for Ska, The Kickin' Judy Show, and of course The Oddity Rock Radio Show.

B.C. Sterrett's (somehow now award winning!) comic strips "Tom and Ralph", "Tapioca" appear weekly in Weber State University's "The Signpost" (As well as his new strip "Stoopid Poems". His comics have also appeared in The Children's Friend Magazine and The SLC Tracy Aviary Newsletter.