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Two Zombies Later







Astroslut is a switched-on swapping soiree playing Now Sounds for tomorrow people.

The members of Astroslut were synthesized and incubated in plastic egg chairs far in our galaxy's future, and sent back to the 20th Century. Upon arriving in 1997, the spaceporn combo began teasing and taunting clubgoers of the quaint hamlet of Boston.

As the 1900's evaporated, Soundworks Studios released Astroslut's full length debut Love at Zero G. Volts of wah- wah guitar, undulating Moog oscillations and the va-va voom delivery of frontwoman Jane Fondle (aka Lounge Laura Taylor) temper the group's grim message about earth's future.

Astroslut's mission is to secure your future survival in space through prefabricated synthesonic seduction.