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Seattle, WA USA


Here I am the apartment, as I sit here late at night (in my apartment) downing my fourth cup of coffee and smoking cigarette after cigarette, trying to drum up the purr-fect (as Eartha would say) words to describe my music and my creative process yet my mind keeps drawing a blank. Sure if we were sitting in some dark coffee house mono e mono and I was feeling especially talkative I could rant on forever about all that jazz (and probably bore you to death). Though here we are, at different times and places. You staring at your illuminated screen and I at mine. So anyway for the sake of economy here it goes... I make experimental music. Not out jazz or noise, although I love both. My music is more like samples from tons of different sources - mostly thrift store vinyl and great vintage stuff like 60's movie soundtracks but also homemade tapes, crazy bus conversations, instructional records, even the occasional Japanese 8-track found in a box on the street corner. Then I take all those gathered sounds and add electronic beats and melodies. Not like dance stuff, more pop like vintage 60's electronic music yet, a little more up to date. Anyway the end result is my music, sometimes dark and atmospheric, sometimes warm and intimate, other times upbeat, silly and the very definition of kitsch, mostly nostalgic, always surreal! Anyway enough O' that, if I've sparked your interest in the least it is suggested you get off this artist page and groove on over to the sounds cause that's what it's all about! - The Apartment

The Apartment is a part of the Comfort Stand staff. He has created cover art for Fortyone's 'Different Mayonnaise' the Joe Meek demos release and on our one year anniversary he produced the disc art for the Swingin' Singles compilation & our 1 year anniversary release Comfort Cake and worked with Bleep and Pee Bug to release albums on the label.