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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I submit my material to Comfort Stand?

Sorry, we are not accepting submissions. The label will not release any more titles and has officially closed. Please consider contacting our sister label WM Recordings to submit your work and check out the NetLabels section at The Internet Archive (where our material is hosted).


Do you accept donations?

If you would like to make a donation to Comfort Stand please donate directly to our monthly hosting bill through Dreamhost here.


Do you have high quality logos for print/press?

Yes. Here you go!

600dpi RGB gif


600dpi RGB gif
600dpi CMYK eps


I am using a Mac and I am unable to open the ZIP files.

Apologies in advance. The ZIP files may come up empty or may not unzip for you because they are not 'real' ZIP files. They are made on the fly by our host, The Internet Archive.

Here is what the Internet Archive writes:

I'm having trouble with a 'blank'/corrupted ZIP file. What do I do? There are a variety of problems that may be causing this. Here are a couple of the most common. If you have a Mac running OS X, the default unzip utility (Stuffit) does not deal well with those Archive ZIP files that are 'compressed on the fly'. You may see an empty directory - if so, then try downloading Zip Tools for Mac OS X and using the drag and drop software within that to unzip your download. [Make sure you save your download to your desktop before trying things on it.] If you're having any trouble with downloads timing out or being incomplete, especially on Windows, then you may be able to use download managers such as GetRight. These will restart your download if it fails. However, some 'ZIP on the fly' downloads don't play well with download managers. If you find that to be the case, the safest thing to do is to download each track individually in a download manager, or use FTP to log in.

Here are some more tips sent in to us:

Chris writes: "I was trying to check out your latest compilation "Swingin' Singles" and couldn't figure out why I kept getting a empty directory when the file got unstuffed on my MAC. So I downloaded the latest version of Stuffit Expander 9.0 to see if that would help and low and behold it did." Up-Update: Suzanne writes: "There should also be a note that Stuffit 9.0 only works for mac OS 10.3 or higher."

Suzanne writes: "Zip Tools includes a drag-and-drop function, so you can actually avoid Terminal altogether. It turns out that the audio FAQ at recommends this. They explain it nicely here."

Robert writes: "If the user is comfortable with the command line, they can use the built-in "unzip" command on the downloaded file, via"


What are the .xml and .conf files that are in the zip files?

These files are included by our host The Internet Archive. They can be deleted as they are automatically generated when we have a release hosted as zip files are made on the fly and end up zipping up all files in a release directory. The XML and CONF simply hold information about the release in question. Delete away.


How do I play the sound files? Can you recommend any players?

If you are unable to play or stream the MP3 files on this website you can download one of the following players:












musicmatch | oldversion












winamp | oldversion


Windows Media


microsoft | oldversion

Some people enjoy using older versions of players (such as Windows Media Player, which the last few current versions have been literally overloaded with junk). That is why we have links to above. Note that if you download a very old version of some of the software it may not work with the current media files on this website.

To utilize our streaming Flash player you will need to install Flash. It's free by visiting Macromedia's website here.


General Configuration...


For Browsers, we strongly recommend..




Mozilla Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux




Safari for Mac

We do not recommend viewing this website with Internet Explorer. Not that it will not work, but why use IE when you can use Firefox or Safari?

For color configuration and screen resolution, the site looks best on a screen which displays at least 256 colors (16 million or true color are better) and has a resolution of at least 800x600. An 800x600 (or higher) resolution will minimize scrolling and make the screen easier to read.

Some releases feature PDF files to download. You can grab Adobe Acrobat for free by clicking on the button below.

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