Comfort Stand
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Progress Report



Otis Fodder
Director of Robust Content Positioning, Otis is the Founder and the man who threw content up at the Stand. He forgets that he needs to sleep on a somewhat consistent basis.



JP Farquar
Creator of our Comfort Stand logo, JP (aka 'Uncle Mary X' aka 'Justin Palm') currently resides in Seattle Washington where he works in print and film.

Sweet Sweet Ted
Like a lemonade stand, Teddy coined our name in the summer of 2003 when describing what it would be like to give love on a corner. No money to exchange, just love through music and Comfort Stand's name was born.

Creator of our slogan, "Everybody Needs Free Music". Half musician, half moon man, one quarter niobium, and half mental case, Fortyone spends most of his time gently collaging samples in the freelove basement with aspirations of becoming a non-practicing mystic.



The Apartment
The Apartment assisted in many facets of employment at the stand. He now resides comfortably smoking cigarettes and counting his pennies to buy a freighter and sail into the sunset.

Suzanne Baumann
Suzanne fussed over cover art and liner notes to make sure everything looked right. Except for the stuff that was not supposed to look "right". She made sure that stuff looked wrong in the right way.

Marco Kalnenek
Marco acted as a mental coach, making sure the interns did not spill coffee and read German philosophers the rest of the time.

Katya Oddio
Cheerleader and custodian Katya kept spirits up and everything sparkling clean with help from the wonders of modern chemistry.

The Lounge King
The Lounge King worked undercover inside the "Corporate Dragon" with the French Agent 69, fighting against music crimes. His network now covers many countries around the world with one goal: good music for all.

Rumored to have wrestled grown women for food in his early years, mr_melvis' was not afraid to tackle the tough issues of the day (as soon as he figured out what those tough issues were, he was sure to tackle 'em).

Jan Turkenburg
For Comfort Stand, Jan collected samples of screaming Dutch children, when he should have been teaching them music.

Professor Zeb
Our contract bounty hunter upholds the law at Comfort Stand by hunting down trolls, gremlins, and Gordon Lightfoot (who was caught creeping around our back stairs).